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The habit of getting creepier is in Facebook’s blood

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Facebook now helps you to stalk!

Don’t sue me for talking about Facebook as early as in my first post but I couldn’t help myself. Just like that PCW piece about Facebook’s new functionality in Groups application started with the lines

Facebook is like a bull that’s constantly breaking things in its own china shop, then repairing the damage after customers complain.

Ill start by saying, the creators of Facebook are just foolish. I understand that change is inevitable but not always. Whenever I think yes using Facebook is now smooth, some odd mosquito creates a pain in the ass of one of the Facebook developers and boom, here’s an overnight change or a feature addition (or exclusion) you never expected!

The new 'Friendship Pages' in simple words is "Stalking via Facebook"

Take the latest feature addition for example. The Facebook Friendship Pages. This feature was rolled out to all users by the past weekend and many would still be unaware about it. Now this feature lets people virtually stalk friendships on Facebook and well you can’t do anything about it cos it’s all out there!

You might ask what actually is this feature all about and so here’s an explanation. The friendship pages feature now gives the users to see the interactions of two individuals on Facebook in a completely summarized form. Of course personal chat and message conversations still remain personal but otherwise, everything including public wall posts, mutual likes, photos where both individual are tagged, and even events where both have been RSVP’d.

This means, if two people in your friend list first met on Facebook, then went into a relationship and then went single again (or got married), you get to see each step, each public wall post, each photo both were tagged in at a single place. Now that is a good thing if those friends ended married together but not a pleasant sight if they went in their own desired ways.

Sure you might tempted but personally I don’t find this pretty but gross. Stalkers and gossipers though would adore the idea.

To stalk a couple of individuals all you need is – be a friend of one and hope the other person’s profile is open enough for Facebook to generate a summary. Friendship pages will work at their best when when both the individuals are your friends.

You can find a friendship page from links under relevant Wall posts, under relationship stories and under the main photo on a friend’s profile page.

You might say calling this “stalking” ain’t right but you know what, it is stalking. It’s just that you are so obsessed about Facebook that your mind is totally mystified and you can’t understand the silliness of the feature. Just think about how silly is to waste time on seeing what two others or what you and a friend of yours have been doing on Facebook since they became Friends.

Dudes and Dudettes, get some work already, get some work.

The functionality of improvised Groups is annoying to say the least

The idea that anyone can add anyone in a group is pretty annoying

Coming back to the point from where I started this post.

Now I understand this might feel pretty awesome for many people who like creating, maintaining groups that they no more need to invite people into group, but just add them. To some, including me – that feature is freakishly annoying.

Since I joined Facebook I wasn’t a big fan of pages and groups. But I don’t say they are uncool. They are pretty cool but only until a limit or two. You see having a page “I love chocolates” is really uncool and liking it, is more. Making a group “I want to kill Rakhi Sawant” is damn daft and joining it, is more  stupid.

But now the power that the people had, as far as groups are concerned, is all vaporized. Now you can be added by any one in any group even if you don’t want to. Unjoining the group will only leave a bad social imprint of yours on the mind of the person who added you, creating social disturbance.

And if you don’t unjoin, I can only wish luck.

But the good thing is, Facebook is allowing people to set some parameters when it comes to groups. Just drop by the group, click on “Edit Settings” on the right sidebar and voila, you have some powers which could be life saviors.

On a positive note, I do like Facebook’s new groups otherwise. You see it’s more intuitive, more user friendly and more productive. You can share even text docs and most importantly, you can do a group chat – a long awaited feature though I would love if the group chat feature is also made available for normal conversations you know!

If your intentions are not productive or important, please don’t make groups, or pages for that matte 😉

Read what Facebook guys had to tell when they launched the Friendship Pages, and the Groups feature. I hope you liked my first post. Comments and questions welcome.

Remember, you can always fire in an email to for any tech guidance you want.

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November 10, 2010 at 10:38 pm

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  1. […] have got a relift this time round and I am very happy to say, they are not disappointing! After the groups debacle, Facebook I guess has hit the right chord as far as profile pages […]

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