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Search things and shorten URLs faster than ever!

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You use Firefox right? Don’t tell me no cos Firefox is the most awesome browser ever made!

Now take this feature for example – Firefox’s smart keywords.

Using smart keywords, you can search the web faster than ever.

Firefox allows the user to assign a keyword to any search bar on the web and once you have assigned the keyword, to search anything through that bar all you need to do is — type the keyword followed by the query in the address bar and press enter.

So consider you want to search “Awesome” via Google and you have assigned the keyword “goo” to Google. Then all you need to do is type the following in the address bar

goo Awesome

A simple step makes surfing the web a hell more easier.

Doing so will take away the pain of typing, waiting for it to load. Then type the query and again wait. God is great and so, Google is fast. What if you wanted to search things on YouTube on a low bandwidth network with limited data available to download? First wait for YouTube’s home page to open – that also means waste of data. Then search and wait, and again that is simply waste of time + data!

Internet and computers were made for people like us. Us who want things to happen fast, who are lazy and of course who are miser when it comes to wasting money on Internet and all!

Now you might ask how to address a keyword? Well, it’s very simple. (See image as you read the following)

Right click on the search bar of which you want to create a keyword. Give it a name, any name. Let the Folder remain the way it is (unless if you manage Bookmark folders). The third input box is important then. Enter the key word for that search bar. Like in the above case, type ‘goo’ in here.

For simplicity, I personally use “web” for Google search. “movie” for Internet Movie Database search. “subs” for TV Subtitles. “youtube” for YouTube search.

And you can do much more with this.

For example, you can shorten URLs without using any unnecessary add-ons. How to do that?

Go to your URL shortner service’s website. Address the key word to the bar where you paste your url. And voila, there you have it. Don’t drop your jaw cos it works. I use and have addressed “bit” keyword to it. And now it’s pretty simple to shorten URLs.

You can do this to most bars. Just experiment and explore how much more you can do!


Written by rahulbhagchandani

November 14, 2010 at 2:52 pm

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