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Forget System Restore, forget registry backups; use ERUNT!

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There are times when your PC might act unexpectedly and then there are times when your PC might just like a jerk – a jerk that is continuously increasing your crankiness factor.

If at these junctures you visited some website for help, or perhaps if you tried reaching out to some one-to-one tech support, people might have advised using System Restore.

What is System Restore?

In simple words, System Restore can help you back up your computer’s registry to an early stage. Or in simpler words, system restore can help you make your computer look like, like say the way it did two days ago.

To be clear, System Restore renders no effect on your files, and folders but it does on your programs, your programs’ settings and system updates.

You see there are times when your PC might start behaving erratically just due to something. Now this something more often than not is a software change in your system. It can be a system software change or an application software change. System software change mostly includes system updates whereas application software changes include installing/removing new software (program) or making changes to them.

Now having a registry backup means what? It means you can get your system to an initial stage by the click of few buttons.

Now Windows has its own System Restore utility and it create restore points (backups) when you install/uninstall software. It also lets you manually create restore points, just in case!

But the problem is – when it comes to malware (viruses), these bad pieces of software initially target such Windows apps and make them useless. And then they become utterly ineffective.

The point is why doesn’t Windows allow saving the restore points (backup files) to a remote location or let’s just say, save into your HDD? Maybe because Windows is just like that. But then there are good people out there solving such problems.

A similar good guy named Lars Hederer so made ERUNT – The Emergency Recovery Utility New Technology and made it available for free online.

What ERUNT does? It creates a system restore point just like Windows does but ERUNT makes a folder of the same and lets you choose where to save it. You can keep it in your HDD and/or a flash drive, a DVD, on your online storage, anywhere!

It also has an Auto Backup feature which makes a restore point whenever you switch on your PC. It is an excellent feature and eliminates the need of making restore points everyday by yourself. You can however disable this option. There’s a pop up asking you about the same while the installation and so you can always suit yourself.

You can download ERUNT here. Mind me, you’re gonna love. Its freaking productive.


Written by rahulbhagchandani

November 26, 2010 at 11:52 pm

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