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The kidlike Facebook-Google war continues

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Facebook is seriously an online version of a spoiled brat, let’s say someone like a 9-year old Justin Beiber. And Google, the Internet search behemoth, is no less (well no less as far as this fight goes, else Google is a pretty mature bloke). Let’s say Google is a teen, a teen like a present day Justin Beiber.

Now just wonder what crazy things could happen if two Beibers start fighting? It will be like the brat kid is continuously annoying the teen kid, and sorta winning as well whereas the teen kid is continuously poking around and trying to flaunt his eldership.


So what is happening exactly, you may ask.

Let’s flashback a lil for the entire story.

It was the first week of November when Google changed its’ terms of service. Google guys decided, “We’ll share our user data only if reciprocated”.

This meant – the start of a war between two Beibers. Why? Well, you see Facebook lets you find friends via your email addresses and also lets you invite people similarly. Gmail allows Facebook to access the user’s contact list but on the contrary, Facebook shares no information whatsoever with Google.

Here, Google in return was seeking for contact numbers and email addresses of a particular user’s friends. That’ll help Google to increase its productivity and with Google already having a Voice and SMS functionality in US, it would have in-short led to an increase in Gmail’s overall usage.

But Facebook didn’t respond nicely to this. And so, Google stopped giving the contacts’ access to Facebook.

Here, Facebook tried acting smart and well, they did come up smart. They used a Google feature in order to let users import contacts from Gmail. What did they do? Facebook here allowed users to directly download a .csv (contacts) file to their system and then subsequently asked them to upload it to Facebook’s servers. This way, Facebook kept their feature running.

To this Google decided to do nothing technically and hence, they started the war of words. The official response statement from Google read,

We’re disappointed that Facebook didn’t invest their time in making it possible for their users to get their contacts out of Facebook. As passionate believers that people should be able to control the data they create, we will continue to allow our users to export their Google contacts.

To this Facebook remained quiet for a while, but later, instead of replying with words, they just removed Gmail from the list of services available to find or invite friends. They just removed it literally. How dumb?!

And still now there’s no Gmail as an available service in Friend Finder app. See it for yourselves.

Even though all this happened, peace prevailed all across but only until tomorrow when a third party developer decided to build a Google Chrome extension named “Facebook doesn’t owns my friends” – an extension that allowed users to export the Facebook contacts into Gmail.


People felt like freaking awesome then. And more awesome would have felt those guys and gals who actually exported their contacts.

You may ask here, why can’t we feel awesome? We can too, right?

To which I have to say disappointingly – NO. The add-on is out of service already.

According to TechCrunch, that add-on stopped working ten minutes after the news broke on their website. That add-on is still showing “403 Forbidden” error. See it for yourselves here.

It’s still unknown about who stopped the add-on service but very understandably, it’s a block from the Facebook’s end.

My point here is, WTF Facebook is upto? The Lamebook fight and then this prolonged fight. Indeed Facebook doesn’t own our contacts, so why not let us export it altogether at once? Instead what Facebook wants is – we open a text editor, go to each of our friend’s profile, copy their info and paste it in the text editor.

And then manage it accordingly.



Written by rahulbhagchandani

November 27, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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