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Top Windows keyboard shortcuts

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Here’s a list of top Windows shortcuts which can make your life more easier.

Just a note, “Win” beneath refers to the Windows key.

F5: Refresh the system. Also works for refreshing browser web pages.

Win+R: Opens the “Run” Command. Pretty nifty especially in Windows 7 whose Start Menu doesn’t boasts the Run button.

(In-post tip: To restore the Run button in the Start menu, right click on Start button and select Properties. Under the Start Menu tab click the “Customize” button. Scroll down and check “Run Command.” And there you go, you have your Run Command restored!)

Shift+Delete: Hate Recycle bin? Or do you want to kick some file straight outta your system bypassing the Recycle bin? Well, pressing Shift+Delete helps; it sends files straight outta the system.

(In-post tip: You can permanently bypass Recycle bin and send files straight out of the system by just pressing Delete button. To do this, Right click the Recycle bin icon and select, “Don’t move files to Recycle bin. Remove immediately when deleted.”)

Win+F: Windows search.

Win+L: Locks the system. Pretty useful if you’ve password protection switched on.

The Windows Mobility center (can be accessed by Win+X)

F10: Pressing F10 key enables toggling the menus . After the menu bar is highlighted, use the arrow keys to navigate.

Alt+Tab: Navigate through your open windows. Pretty wondrous shortcut if you are working with multiple windows at a time – reduces the use of mouse drastically.

Win+Tab: An extension of Alt+Tab shortcut. Here you need an OS with Aero 3D functionality. It’s very handy if you want a preview before jumping to another window.

Win+X: Opens the Windows Mobility center. I personally find the mobility center a great tool, see the image and decide whether is good enough for you.

Win+Home: Minimizes all other windows except the active window. Minimizing can be redone by again pressing Win+Home.

Win+D: See the desktop.

Win+M: If you use Desktop gadgets, you can get annoyed when clicking “Show Desktop” button or Win+D hides the gadgets too. Well, Win+M can help. It minimizes all open windows but not gadgets. Cool, eh? You can restore all windows by pressing Shift+Win+M.

Win+G: Speaking of Gadgets, press Win+G to immediately toggle between all the open gadgets.

Win+Spacebar: Ever wanted to just take a peek at the desktop and come back to work? Well, here’s how. Press Win+Spacebar and take a peek. Its extremely useful when you just wanted to peek at your gadgets – maybe check some scores, some stock quotes and of course check the calender.

Win+T: Toggle between taskbar items. Use arrow keys to navigate.

Win+B: Toggle between the notification icons.

So, that’s my list of personal favorite Windows shortcuts. If you think I missed something, please leave a comment!


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December 1, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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  1. These are useful shortcuts. Thank you 🙂


    July 8, 2011 at 8:39 am

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