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Facebook profiles get a facial makeover

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And voila, Facebook is all-set to roll out another change in it’s user interface. In fact the changes have been already rolled out .

It’s the individual profile pages that have got a relift this time round and I am very happy to say, they are not disappointing! After the groups debacle, Facebook I guess has hit the right chord as far as profile pages go.

Anyway, the change isn’t an alien one either. The new profile pictures have the design based on the design of friendship pages (stalking pages :P) which were recently rolled out.

The new design of the Facebook profile (click to enlarge)

The good thing is, the new design adds a freshness to the interface which always a good sign. The old design was anyway getting a bit dull and so the renovation will indeed help. What more, the new design is pretty uncluttered and it’s pretty interactive – unlike the old design.

As you might have noticed in the above image, all the tabs on the top having been taken to a vertical column on the left. The info page now boasts a much better appeal, especially the activities and interests part of the info page – here every interest of the user appears in the form of image thumbnails instead of plain text links.

Activities and Interests on the Info page (click to enlarge)

Even in the Friend list – the major element now is the user’s Facebook profile thumbnail and the name and other info is secondary.

Other notable change is the addition of a user’s info summary just at the top of the page. This summary shows the relationship status, school/uni and employer info, place, hometown, birth date et al.

A snippet of the user's info summary at the top of the top. Niche, right? (click to enlarge)

It is clear that a lot of emphasis has been laid on using a lot of images all across the user’s profile making the profile look a lot more prolific and sheeny.

Fortunately, having the new profile pages won’t require you to request an invitation. If you’re lucky, Facebook might have already posted something on the top of your home page introducing you the new design. If you haven’t don’t worry.

Head to this link – – and click that green button on the top right corner to upgrade to the new profile pages. Just to be clear, once switched, you can’t come back to the old pages.

But then you don’t even need to!


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December 6, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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