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The best ever free antivirus suite

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One question that I many a times encounter from people is, “What is the best antivirus suite?” To which I have given fluctuating answers since awhile. I used to give suggestions based on the user’s usage of the machine, usage of the web and of course the importance of the data their machines held. But that was only until last year when I finally found an antivirus program that was totally anti-annoying, and fulltoo cool.

Before that, though I tried antivirus (security) suites I never stuck on one. You see, then, these suites more than keeping your system secure were meant for annoying you, frustrating you and making you all nauseous because of all-time popping pop-ups, continuous offers of kinky upgrades, and freakishly perky behavior when some bad ware was detected.

Now I don’t say it wasn’t a bad thing after all. But the annoyance index was bad and so I never used an antivirus system.

And then I found Avira Antivir Personal. This lil awesome bastard is the KING of antivirus programs. It generated all the attention somewhere back in 2o08 when it’s free version was rated better than the paid versions of Norton, Kaspersky et al.

And since then I’ve been using and recommending this program to one and all. It’s free, it’s awesome. No bloody colored interface that makes your eyes all blur. No freaking pop-ups. Yeah there are pop-ups but only when required, the important ones.

The concept behind Avira is – simplicity. They haven’t tried to be sheeny and as far as detection goes, well it’s pretty awemazing. The free version is par Norton and all others any day. You shouldn’t even care about viruses hitting your files if you have Avira resting in your system.

And while I’m talking about antiviruses, I should speak some words about firewall too right? Okay then.

I think personally that Windows Firewall does more than enough job for a normal PC user but if you are very worried about your computer’s security, I’d suggest you to not shell bucks for some firewall or suite but I’d suggest you use ZoneAlarm Free.

Zone Alarm has been around for like years and it’s been the top firewall ever since. My cousin is a B2B ISP and well he uses Zone Alarm Free for his server machines. Take that as an advise!

So then, if you’re looking for a security suite, Avira and Zone Alarm should be it. Love them tender and download them now…

Download Avira here.
Download Zone Alarm here.

Update: Never get me started on the system resources that other antivirus suites use. I missed babbling about that part! Avira and ZoneAlarm FYI are right now using 1604K and 4876K of memory and these are in fairness real good numbers for security programs. So in case if you had second thoughts about the suggested programs, don’t. They unlike other security programs don’t slow your machine.


Written by rahulbhagchandani

December 13, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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  1. Zonealarm is the best firewall out there. Thanks for posting!


    April 20, 2011 at 4:12 pm

  2. nice article you did good job, avira is nice antivirus but i prefer my best panda, bit defender, avast and kaspersky. coming to free anti virus avg and avast work good on blocking virus for common users of pc. you have done good work all the best.

    Free Antivirus

    July 14, 2011 at 1:24 pm

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