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Top 10 free Blackberry apps

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Just a few days back I enabled Blackberry internet services on my smartphone and since then the time I spent on my native laptop has gone down considerably. Here are a the top 10 free apps I think every Blackberry user must have.

10. VScreenshot: Ever wanted to show some error or something awesome on your smartphone but had no “PrintScreen”? Well if that is, here is the answer. VScreenshot installs an option to take instant screenshots in all BB menus. The files are by default saved in the Pictures directory. Otherwise how did I get all these pictures’ in the blog from?

9. Blackberry Messenger: Need I explain this to a BB user?

8. BOLT browser: It’s one and probably the only browser that works as advertised – Lightning fast. Its like wow. You can browse the way you want – like normal HTML+Scripts or the one made specifically for mobile. Though the

resolution isn’t the best, the speed is what you need to quickly check some websites when you’re browsing the mobile web and that’s when Bolt becomes the savior.

7. Gmail: If you have a Blackberry, you probably have a Gmail account too right? Having Gmail on mobile is heavenly. Just the best. Awesome. Can’t stop talking about it.

6. Navita Translator: People are liking translators more than ever these days. I wonder why. But if you like to translate things, Navita is the best translator available in town right now. It by default uses Google Translate to translate things and there’s an option you can change those settings.

5. The best dictionary app ever. Apart of a dictionary, it has a Thesaurus too. Works lightning fast and gets you the definitions from the most comprehensive dictionary database of the web. Everyone must have this. 

4. Shazam: (Free until 5 tags a month): Did you wanted to know what’s that song’s name while hearing it on TV, on radio or at a party? Well everyone has that sorta day. Shazam helps there. You click one button and the software will hear the song for a few secs, upload it on the web, match it and within say like 15 seconds you have the song’s name. Works like a charm. With the free version you can have just 5 songs searched per month. The $4.99 version is unlimited.

3. IM+ Lite: An wonderful chat client that connects with your Gtalk, Facebook et al contacts and lets you chat via your smartphone. It’s something that I longed for years, now feels like seventh heaven!

2. Dropbox (Free until 2GB): If you don’t know what’s Dropbox here, read here and then if you think it’s not worth it, you can sue me. The newer version, 1.0, is out and its more AWESOME. A blog post about it in a few days for sure.

1. Snaptu: Did you notice I never mentioned Facebook for Blackberry and Twitter for Blackbbery apps or for that matter, no weather apps? Does that mean I hate social networks? Oh, hell no. I love em. And Snaptu is an awesome app that I’m spending my most time of the day on. It has Twitter, it has Facebook. Has a few more social networking plugins. It has a widget to see the weather, a dictionary widget (though the above mentioned app is always the best) is also around. And then there are news widgets – Guardian, LifeHacker, all… It’s like another world of apps inside a Blackberry app and mind me, you don’t wanna miss this! Everyone who spends some time on social networks and reads a bit of news on the web, Snaptu is the way to go. And hey, there are widgets for live cricket/football scores too!

And that should be it. I’ve a few more apps not worth missing but this is the top 10. However, if you’re a wordpress blogger, I’d recommend you use WordPress for Blackberry. It’s amazing and you can do almost everything on the go that you do on the web.

If you think I missed some awesome app, fire in that as a comment and let me know. Ciao!

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Written by rahulbhagchandani

December 22, 2010 at 3:54 pm

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