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CrashPlan is the ultimate backup client I longed for

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Dropbox is something everyone loves and it’s cool for your very important docs. What about your other data? The music, The TV Shows, The Movies, The Pictures, The etc etc.?

I’ve been looking for a perfect backup solution since I became a computer user i.e. roughly since last six years. I tried Norton Ghost, I tried Comodo. I tried Genie and I tried Mozy. I even tried Windows Backup and also, LiveOne Care. Acronis Image wet me the most given it’s powerful functionality but still, it wasn’t perfect.A screen grab of CrashPlan

Then I came across CrashPlan last month. A few days back I decided to use it. And damn, it’s perfect! Leave it’s awesome online system (which is a paid service), it’s free service lets you back up your data to a folder ( or a external drive or whatever) and also to a friend’s computer (whose machine has CrashPlan). With CrashPlan you can also backup your stuff between multiple computers (Mac to PC, Desktop to Laptop, Office to Home – it works with all). But wait, that’s not why I’m loving it. I love it because of the simplicity it offers.

All I wanted from my back up client was –

a) It can backup/restore my stuff to an external hard drive.
b) In case I’ve to rush out during an ongoing backup process, I want the software to automatically pause the backup as soon as disconnect my hard drive without making all the progress a waste – Acronis did that to me too many times.
c) Backup has to be real time and it has to run all the time without me given any instructions. Acronis had to be told when to start, what to do and every other stuff. CrashPlan does it automatically without bothering me much.

CrashPlan does everything without interrupting the user. It runs quietly in the tray backing up your stuff, it’s neat and well as I said, it’s perfect!

**CrashPlan for Windows/Mac/Linux/Solaris – official website.


Written by rahulbhagchandani

April 16, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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