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Lifesaver: How backups saved me hours of reworking around stuff

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I recently babbled why CrashPlan is the best backup service I ever used. Turns out, it’s much, much better than what I thought while writing that post.

Coming to the point, I didn’t have the best of time computing in the last few days – I lost a few important files and I lost a few important software while messing around. Yesterday while uninstalling Aurora, a recently launched half nightly-half beta build of future Firefox versions by Mozilla, I accidentally deleted all the program data related to it. And then I realized- all the data related to Aurora was the same data related to Firefox. And deleting user files of Aurora meant my Firefox became like a freshly installed copy of any other Firefox. Meaning to say – all my bookmarks, my extensions, plugins – the entire user profile was gone somewhere in the mist! Unrecoverable, of course.

At first I thought it was stupid of Mozilla to link up the data of both programs. Then I thought it was stupid of me to not realize while uninstalling Aurora that Aurora is well – just another version of Firefox. And Mozilla is no where near to be blamed, are they?

The bookmarks was what I was worried about. And in my hunt to get them back, I realized I’ve a backup running all the time! I started CrashPlan, selected “Restore” and there I was, stunned. To my surprise, CrashPlan lets you even restore just a single file from your entire backup making it easy to get things done. When I used backup software back around 3-4 years, this wasn’t possible. One had to go through the process of restoring everything, which was useless. There are other programs that do so, but with its already awesome features, this just makes CrashPlan more good. CrashPlan also stores deleted files (for a period of time that you’ve to specify, of course) in your backup, just in case.

I found my bookmark backup file and all it took was a minute to restore my beloved Bookmarks. I also restored my user profile – but some extensions didn’t work fluently. For that, I reinstalled the broken ones.

Following yesterday’s nightmare, today I went in a much bigger trouble. I lost a photoshop document – well I made some changes to the document and I was supposed to save it as a copy. Instead I overwrited the changes to the original file. And boom, all hours of work – gone, just like that. To overcome that – yes, you guessed it right. I connected my backup drive, opened CrashPlan and restored the original version of it.

Saved me hours of photoshopping and made me some time to do this blog post. What I’m trying to say here is – have a nice, good backup system if you are a regular computer user – then be it CrashPlan or Acronis or whatever.

Backups are cool, period!


Written by rahulbhagchandani

April 20, 2011 at 8:06 pm

Posted in Backup

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