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How-to guides: Creating Partitions in Windows

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This is the first of its kind post here at Awesome Tech. Starting today I’ll be publishing how-to guides on various computing annoyances, problems or processes. To start with, its Creating Partitions in Windows today.

I’m unsure about the frequency of this guides but I can assure one more is upcoming in a day or two.

Why I’m doing this? A few reasons – one, I like writing. Two, I like giving free tech advise. Three, I feel kind of bad when I see people clueless about computing as a whole or about a particular problem while using computers.

Now indeed a guide on creating partitions won’t of course curb the tech illiteracy of people around but with more guides coming up, I might end up helping and curbing a small percentage of that. If that happens, I’ll be the happiest guy around.

So please go through the guide. Read it, criticize it. And share it if you like it.

This will work pretty simply. The guides will be written in lucid English in form of simple step-by-step instructions. And more than often not, there will be a set of screenshots to accompany the text instructions.

The text guide is a pdf and screenshots are in png format. The set of screenshots and pdf both are zipped up in a .zip and uploaded to the secure servers. The download link is attached below.

[Creating Partitions in Windows – Zip (pdf+screenshots) –]


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May 29, 2011 at 1:12 am

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