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First things to do with your new iPad

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I recently bought a sheeny new iPad 2. It’s awesome, no doubt. But I was confused how to start using it. Should I connect it to the iTunes, get my files and then start with my app-experience or the other way round, or what? But now that it’s been a couple of days, I know what should have I done.

Before opening the box:

Get a case: I haven’t yet. You definitely should have a case for this beautiful bastard. It looks really fragile to  say the least so one should have a case. And get a case, like a real case… Not a smart cover. Why? Because smart cover is all cool and sexy and utile but it’s just a screen cover. You would want a lot from your case. For a start, it must be shock absorbent. Smart cover is not. You might want to buy something like this. Or for you DIY-ers out there, here is a gorgeous iBook you can make for your iPad, or this beautiful spiral case –plus –stand.

After opening the box:

You’ll need a computer to setup your iPad and there are not many options on this part. Get that USB connector from the box and connect your iPad to your Mac/PC for the first use. But wait…

Don’t sync all your photos, videos everything yet.

I synced almost 1000 photos, 800 songs and a couple of videos at a go, the first go, and I had to wait a while before I could actually use the device. It was annoying. Especially to my lil sister who kept on telling me to do all that crap later.

Besides, I had to reconnect once again to copy the other ­non-Apple supported files later. What I mean to say, you may ask. It’s pretty simple. Apple does not have a pdf reader (one of the reasons that I bought the iPad was convenient pdf reading). It also does not support .avi files (99% of my video files are .avi). So after installing the specific apps which could read these files (pdf, avi, etcetera), I had to reconnect my iPad. Again start iTunes. And copy files, again.

Thus, instead of starting your music, photo and video syncing during the first use, you can just complete the basic set up first. Plug out your iPad. Use it, feel it, love it. Install the desired apps. And then reconnect it to your iTunes later, do all the file system tasks at a go and you’d be happier.

Set up a password

Go to settings, general and then enable passcode lock. Make it a quick but difficult password. You might even want to switch on the functionality which says “Delete all data from this iPad after 10 unsuccessful password attempts”.

You might ask why I need to set up a password. Well primarily because of your data’s security. You see when you use this iPad, there is going to be a lot of data of yours on it. Photos and videos aside, there is going to be your web history. Your social networking credentials will be stored with those apps for easier access. Your documents too. Now god forbid, but what if you lose your iPad somewhere or you get mugged? Unless you’re okay with the idea of all your data with the mugger, it’s pretty fine not having a quick password. But I don’t see anyone okay with that, are you?

So, get a password.

Besides, apps like Quickoffice, Dropbox etc. have the capability of password protecting them. Browse the apps’ settings and you will get a passcode lock option, if there is. That way you can double protect data on these apps.

While using the iPad:

*Install apps. They’re fun. Check out my list of iPad apps that really matter.

*And here’s another DIY for your iPad – one where you can create a stylus. I made one like this which works like a charm and it’s a two minute job. This one is another, though with a lot more workaround required.

*And, don’t drop it!


Written by rahulbhagchandani

June 9, 2011 at 10:50 pm

Posted in iPad

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