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Simplify downloading from your browser and send files directly to your Dropbox

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How many times do you start downloading a huge file on your browser and suddenly out of nowhere there is a minor internet glitch and all that time you invested to see that file download is gone, boom? In a quite simple workaround to the problem using a new service URLDroplet, you can however eliminate the need of using your browser’s download manager and just give URLDroplet a link and it’ll do the rest, provided you have a Dropbox account.

The idea is simple. URLDroplet queues the download to your Dropbox account and whenever you run your Dropbox service on your computer (or device), it’ll start syncing. The powerful feature is (it’s a Dropbox feature), you can pause the syncing. You can even shut down the PC, go to bed, wake up, have breakfast, switch the PC back on and resume the file from where the download paused. That’s one reason I love BitTorrent – the ability to pause but sadly not all files are hosted over BT.

Anyhoo, this workaround is also pretty nifty if you use multiple devices. Like I use my cell phone and iPad to do the major online reading but the heavyload working and downloading is done on the PC. So now, I can simply copy a link I come across on my iPad, paste it into URLDroplet and I know Ill have my file in my Dropbox.

Like guys at the Apple say, It Just Works.

Of course there are download managers and all but don’t they hog your memory usage, eh? If your run multiple extensions already, you might not want to run a download manager (not especially on Firefox) as they’re huge memory creepers.

Only requirement is – you need to have enough space for the file in your Dropbox! There are no restrictions on filesize by URLDroplet.


Written by rahulbhagchandani

June 18, 2011 at 1:15 am

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