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WWDC: Entire coverage… iCloud, iOS 5 and the Lion [UPDATE: videos updated]

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Today at the Keynote WWDC 2011, Apple unveiled the much awaited iCloud service. Apple also launched the major upgrades of it’s flagship operating systems in Lion and iOS 5. Awesome Tech Blog covered the event and the best features of all three are covered in three different posts linked below. More to follow…

From the WWDC: Lion Features Roundup

From the WWDC: iOS 5 Features roundup

From the WWDC: Here is the iCloud- Features roundup

UPDATE: Introductory videos updated in respected posts (except iCloud’s of which there is no video by Apple). To watch the entire WWDC Keynote, here is the link to Apple website. They’ve hosted it on their own servers.. not on Youtube so no embedding possible.


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June 7, 2011 at 3:00 am

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From the WWDC: Here is the iCloud- Features roundup

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Apple’s Keynote 2011 just ended with loads of awesome stuff unveiled by Apple today. There was Lion, then there was iOS 5 and finally, the much awaited iCloud. Hit the links to get more on them, this post’s for iCloud. 

UPDATE: Apple hasn’t uploaded any introductory video of iCloud. However you can watch the entire Keynote as it happened on Apple’s website….

The much awaited iCloud is here. Boasted with Brilliant functionality, Apple has launched the first cloud service one would love. Technically replacement of its MobileMe service, this however unlike MobileMe, is free! What iCloud will actually do is… Not only it will take your music to the cloud, it will take everything else – your documents, your photos, your contacts, calender, emails etc. to the cloud. Even your AppStore and iBook Store will be on the cloud.

Documents: All your iWork files are now on the cloud. Access it from a Mac, or iPad or iPhone.

iCloud Storage APIs: Because Apple thinks Filesystems are hard to understand and don’t want you to worry about them. These APIs will work for macs as well as PCs.

PhotoStream: Take a photo and it goes to other devices + cloud + macs. Importing photos also possible.

Finally, your songs: You can easily track your purchase history and these songs will be available on all other iOS devices as well as on the cloud.

However if you don’t have purchased music. What then? Then well.. there is a way out. However a paid way. Having said that, you just need to pay $24.99 a year to have all your music. All, purchased from iTunes or not. All on the cloud. It’s the iTunes Match. When you run this, it matches your library with that of iTunes. If it finds (which it should given its huge library), it automatically makes your song available. If it doesn’t, well it uploads it. No questions asked.

It technically converts your piracy into legal music (and that too at a good format of 256KBPS AAC) for just $24.99. Not a bad move, Steve.

iCloud comes bundled with iOS 5. Developer preview available from today. It will also run on iOS 4.3.

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June 7, 2011 at 2:12 am

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From the WWDC: iOS 5 Features roundup

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Apple’s Keynote 2011 just ended with loads of awesome stuff unveiled by Apple today. There was Lion, then there was iOS 5 and finally, the much awaited iCloud. Hit the links to get more on them, this post’s for iOS 5. 

UPDATE: Video attached below


iOS 5, a major upgrade, made jaws drop and eyes pop with it’s brilliant new features to the already awesome iOS 4. Here’s a quick look at what iOS 5 has to offer…

Feature #1: iMessage. Blackberry killer, literally! Just like BBM, now iOS users can converse and share with other iOS users via iMessage. One thing that BB was very popular for is now something Apple has.. and it has more to offer. iMessage seamlessly works on the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod either via 3G/WiFi connectivity. No wonder this is one of the killer feature iOS 5 has to offer.

Feature #2: Notifications. iOS notifications were literally sad. Very sucky. And, fucked up. But now there is a better way to manage those. There is a Notification Center where you can get all the notifications. Just a finger swipe from top to bottom and there you have it.

Feature #3: Twitter Integration. Now you just need to sign in just once and you can tweet from any app, any website w/o all the again and again logins. It pretty great for Twitter users like me. Just today I was ranting how my iPad apps would force me to login time and again just to share a piece.

Feature #4: All new Safari. The Safari browser now has actual tabs (ahem, ahem). Besides, it has some lovely features like a Reader. And Reading Lists (Yes exactly like Instapaper et al).

Feature #5: Better Mail app. Lion got a new Mail app so how couldn’t iOS. The UI though much similar, it is rather faster this mail app. Supports rich-text formatting. Control indentation. Draggable addresses. Can flag messages. Search entire message (entire contents).

Feature #6: Photos. Pinch zooming. You can now carry basic editions (red-eye, rotate etc.) within the iOS itself. There’s a better camera app and you can even click photos when the device is locked. Also, with the volume button!

AND IT’S PC-FREE! I was saving this for the last. Yes. Finally. You can now bring an iOS device and not connect it to iTunes. Wireless syncing ftw!

Besides, there are new multitasking gestures. Reminders (syncable). AirPlay mirroring. Brand new awesome Game center. A Newsstand. A new dual keyboard for you to type with two thumbs. S/MIME support for mail. One dictionary all across the OS that you can use by selecting the word and clicking “define” that pops up alongside the copy command.

Clearly, iOS 5 just got better!! It will ship this fall with support for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 + iPad 1/2 and iPod Touch (3rd generation or higher).

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June 7, 2011 at 1:55 am

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From the WWDC: Lion Features Roundup

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Apple’s Keynote 2011 just ended with loads of awesome stuff unveiled by Apple today. There was Lion, then there was iOS 5 and finally, the much awaited iCloud. Hit the links to get more on them, this post’s for Lion.

UPDATE: Video attached below


Lion, a major upgrade from it’s predecessor Snow Leopard has learned lots from it’s sister OS iOS. There are 250 number of new features that make the OS one of the best in the market today. (Watch out, Windows 8). Let’s quickly roll through the best of best features…

Feature #1: Price. The upgrade to an Lion is available only for $29! A damning 100 bucks less than it’s past releases.

Feature #2: Great new Mac App Store. It’s built in in Lion. Everything happens from the web now. Automatically. No installers, no CD-ROMs. Even the OS Lion will be available only via the Mac App Store. No CDs!

Feature #3: Resume. Kind of like Hibernation, but more enhanced. Resume lets you come back to apps where you stopped. Regardless you closing the app or closing the OS, the app will come right back where you stopped. Awesome, Right?

Feature #4: Auto Save. Whatever you do, it saves, automatically. No need for the stupid CTRL+S thingy. It’s lovable!

Feature #5: Versions. Kind of what Dropbox does. Versions will save older versions of files. So if you accidentally make an nnwanted change, you know how to get it back.

Feature #6: Air-drop. Like Dropbox, again. Share files wirelessly between computers on your network. No installation. Two-way confirmation. And all data encrypted.

Feature #7: New Mail App. Threads. Faster and smart searches. iOS-like UI. It’s beautiful.

Feature #8: Launcher. Again from the iOS. All your apps at one place. Create folder if you want. Looks great.

Feature #9: Multi-touch gestures. All the multitouch gestures of iOS in your Mac. How nice?

Feature #10: Mission Control. Whatever you’re working on, sometimes you might wanna take a look at everything running on your system, no? This is it. Mission control lets you glance whatever is open, in a great visually delighting way.

Feature #11: Full screen apps. There is nothing you need to see apart from what you’re working on. The apps work in fullscreen all the time, flawlessly.

Feature #12: No menu bar! But your title bar is you menu bar. Click on the title bar for accessing the menu bar option, cool eh?

Besides the mentioned features, tons of other features flow in the all new Lion. There is a new Facetime, new Address Book, Server is bundled etcetera etcetera. Lion is available starting today for developers. July for customers.

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June 7, 2011 at 1:20 am

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