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Drop your stuff in Dropbox!

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During the summer I used to be always on the move – at clubs, at relatives’, at cousins’, at friends’, sometimes on a quick holiday, and sometimes just home. And that was the time I actually started writing a lot of articles. A lot means, a LOT. Writing was an integral part of my daily life and I used to do it whenever I managed some time anywhere in the schedule.

Managing documents at various locations was difficult. I had (and have) a Blackberry so I used to plug that in to my PC, save the files and took em on the move. Also I used to upload some important docs to Google Docs just in case if I got a PC somewhere. I also used to even send emails to myself with documents attached just in case if I needed something via the mobile browser.

In short, managing docs was CHAOS. And then entered DROPBOX.

This tiny lil app which sticks its butt without any fuss in your PC or Mac or iPhone or iPad or Blackberry or Windows Mobile or even Android , does all that document managing you always wanted to get rid of. Dropbox is a life saver, it is a tonic to document management chaos.

What it does?

Dropbox makes a “Dropbox” folder in your PC and the moment you copy files in that folder, Dropbox silently starts uploading all the files. And by files I mean everything – music, pictures, everything.

The Dropbox web

And don’t worry if you don’t have a Dropbox enabled handheld. These files are eventually being uploaded to the Dropbox servers and so the lovely Dropbox even allows users to see their uploads via their website.

How awesome?

Pretty awesome. All you need to do is download Dropbox, and install it.

Free users get a limit of two gigabytes which is well, too much for keeping you busy with your docs. There is a paid upgrade though – 50 gigs cost $99 a year (or $9.99 a month). A 100 gigs cost $199 a year (or $19.99 a month).

But I guess the 2gig thing should be fine for most users. It is for me anyway!

Visit the Dropbox website now! There is no reason why you should wait.

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Written by rahulbhagchandani

November 23, 2010 at 12:27 am

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