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Now know who read your mail and who didn’t

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Did you ever choke about people not reading your mails? Or did you ever wanted to verify a friend’s / colleague’s excuse when he/she said “oh, I am yet to check my mailbox”.

Well if in case you did, I’ve something pretty awesome for you.

Introducing Email Oracle – a third party browser plugin for Gmail which lets you track your sent mails and makes mailing a lot more efficient. Firstly, the plugin shows you the number of times the email has been opened and secondly, it lets you set a deadline for a response – if until this deadline the recipient hasn’t responded, Email Oracle will remind you.

It’s a pretty handy package for both light and heavy email users.

I mean, what in the past let you know if the recipient has seen your mail or what app reminded you if in case someone didn’t reply.

You may ask how Email Oracle works. Well, it’s simple. It takes around 10 seconds to install the plugin. Restart your browser and a couple of elements will be added into your Gmail window. (See Image)

Email Oracle adds a few elements into your Gmail experience. (Click to enlarge the image)

To be clear, this is a plugin not for individual gmail accounts but for your browser. So regardless of how many Gmail accounts you use, one PC can have only one plugin.

After installation, while composing a mail – there are a couple of checkboxes. One lets you set a reminder; other lets you track.

If you opt for tracking the email – Email Oracle adds an image (their logo) into your mailbox. And according to the number of times this image pops up on other machines, the number of views are calculated.

There’s a twist though. If your recipient has disabled images and while reading if he doesn’t enables viewing images – the view won’t be registered.

Also, if you try it out on your own system, the view won’t be registered.

If you don’t want the annoying image system, there are other signature options but these options are off limits for a free account.

Also, a free account lets you track just 20 mails a month.

There are paid upgrades though. The Basic pack costs $9.95 and allows you to track as many as 50 mails a month. The Deluxe pack costs $19.95 and allows you to track 200 mails + a custom signature feature. And finally there is a Pro pack at $99.95 a month – lets you track 10,000 mails + of course the custom signature.

For normal users, the free account should be fine unless you hate unnecessary brand images in your email accounts.

Overall, it is a pretty handy utility; it could have been more if it was a bit more “free”!

Hop on their website here to install the plugin and know more.

(Images and logos are respective trademarks of their owners. Used for representative purposes.)

UPDATE, March 1: Email Oracle as of today is a shut down web service.


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November 22, 2010 at 9:57 am

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