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Why “Chirag Greenputers” suck

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If you were unlucky enough you might have already seen the ad featuring a kiddo trying to save energy by switching off electronics around her house. Then she gets shocked when she sees the computer going to sleep automatically. It’s the ad of some Greenputers launched by Chirag, a brand of Kolkata based RP Infosystems.

Now if you know your way around computers, you’d probably laugh on she getting shocked – because not just greenputers can put systems to sleep automatically but every damn computer today can do that – and that too without using any third party apps.

If you don’t know your way around computers, you should know such things can be done. Head to Power Options in Control Panel and explore. Explore a lot. And you’ll find how to save a bit of power and make your computing efficient.

And so, in the light of above, in my opinion their main marketing (I’m supposing they are not doing anything bigger than TV ads) plan has kinda turned haywire. As far as other marketing mediums are concerned – frankly, they SUCK there too.

Let’s cut back a lil. A few months back I was at an IT exhibition here in Ahmedabad. After browsing through 20 stalls, I landed to Greenputer’s stall. It was a corner one, four stalls combined into one huge floor area – perhaps they shelled out more bucks than any other company out there. They had a lot of green color in their stall and had three to five desktops on display. I went up to a machine and a representative followed. I asked what is so special about your machines that you call them greenputers?

His reasons were…

  • Sir our computers save energy. Chirag computers have Windows 7 pre-installed and with its integrated automatic go to sleep modes, our computers use less energy. Also, we have Energy star certification.
  • These machiens save paper because our computers have enough storage to store your documents. That way use of hard copies can be lowered.
  • And with saving energy and saving paper, you ultimately save money sir.

And after his reasoning, which he thought was perfect – his facial expressions and body language told so – I was like what the fuck is he upto? I said, dude hope you are aware that other brands sell the same. Screw your competitors, an assembled system can attain the same objectives – that too at cheaper prices.

Now he was in a fix. Perplexingly he said, “Sir I am not telling other companies don’t sell this type of stuff… it’s just that… that we also sell it.”

I laughed, not smiled, but laughed; laughed out loud! Grabbed an introductory brochure from his hands and walked off.

And laughing and walking off was a mild insult I think. I mean that company is selling ordinary stuff and using bollocks USP to promote it. Fuck I’ve got better settings on my machines since ages. One idle minute and LCD goes off. 15 idle minutes and machine goes into hibernation.

The idea of saving paper sucks; it’s practically impossible to go against papers. Not at least in the next 5-7 years. Is it?

And saying we have an Energy Star certification also imbues. Look around your machine, you might find one of that Energy Star logo. Most computers today, especially the ones that are branded, have this certification. It’s like telling my car comes with five seat belts.

And it’s not even like they’re selling something at super cheaper rates, are they? No. I checked their prices which are around normal competitive prices. So why wouldn’t I pick up a machine with a HP or Dell logo instead of the one that has a logo that reads “Chirag Greenputers”? Screw the brands, why wouldn’t I go for a personally customized assembled machine with better functionality and save a few thousands on that part?

The point is very clear. Companies today are desperate USPs and well, some companies adapt such USPs which are not unique at all. Irony ain’t it?

IT sector in India is still fresh. Technology illiteracy is prevalent amongst major part of the population and so it’s damn easy to fool people. Really easy. And it’s not just Chirag. 99% of people dealing in one form or other of IT are looting people. No kidding. From IT giants to an independent engineer who repairs your machines, all scrape more bills than they are supposed to.

Look at web hosting for example. For 500MB of web space they’ll charge you 2500r rupees (around 110USd) per year. And that 2500 covers only two email accounts and 1000MB of data transfer. Why not instead go for a host like Bluehost and at $6.99 (approx 300 rupees) a month, you get unlimited data transfer, unlimited space, a free domain, a few Google credits etc. etc. And oh, they give you a 99.99% uptime guarantee and their online support is brilliant. So what would you go for? 2500 bucks with well, no privileges or for 3600 a year and get just about everything that is required to run a full-fledged website?

And that doesn’t ends there. Take people repairing home machines for example. In my neighborhood, these guys charge 300 bucks to reinstall the OS and install everything back from scratch. Agreed it’s a tall order, but then it isn’t worth 300 is it? I do OS reinstall for friends and families all the time (am scheduled for one this weekend 😉 ) and don’t charge anything. It’s not that big a deal! And even if I had to charge a stranger, I’d not charge more than a hundred bucks. That too sounds to me crazy. Google how to reinstall a machine, browse a bit and you’ll sure find an easypeasy way to do that. Free of cost yes.

The thing with the current Indian IT sector is – it’s filled with fakers and douchebags who know not much about computers, but yes they know what kind of profit they wanna get. It’s worst – so worst that I could write a book covering my arguments.

As far as the stupid greenputers go, I’d be happy if one person decides against buying it after reading this post.

To all the noobs, I’d advise don’t go for greenputers; instead build your own green machine. Or just fucking tweak your current settings to make it more power efficient. If you feel like having a laugh, read more reasons why you should buy a greenputer by Chirag.


Written by rahulbhagchandani

March 17, 2011 at 11:33 pm

Posted in Rantings on Lamers

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