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Why won’t “Assange” trend on Twitter?

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2140 IST (1610 GMT).

And again. Last week #wikileaks didn’t trend on Twitter and today after Wikileaks founder Assange was granted bail by a UK court, millions of tweets flourished on the micro-blogging site with the word “assange” but there was no sign whatsoever of “assange” on Twitter trending topics. Not even slightly.

In response to the allegations that Twitter was censoring wikileaks from trending topics, Twitter officially released a statement reading,

Twitter is not censoring #wikileaks, #cablegate or other related terms from the Trends list of trending topics.

Our Trends list is designed to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ breaking news from across the world, in real-time. The list is generated by an algorithm that identifies topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously.

There’s a number of factors that may come into play when seemingly popular terms don’t make the Trends list. Sometimes topics that are popular don’t break into the Trends list because the current velocity of conversation (volume of Tweets at a given moment) isn’t greater than in previous hours and days. Sometimes topics that are genuinely popular simply aren’t widespread enough to make the list of top Trends. And, on occasion, topics just aren’t as popular as people believe.

To which I would frankly say, dear @twitter, it is pretty much clear that you are censoring assagne from the list. Well it is obviously popular right now, as of this moment. It is indeed the most breaking of the breaking of the breaking news. And then I’ve a technical backing that suggests assange got more popular right now than he (the word) was since after December 7. See the following chart from

How clear is this now?

So I ask, what excuse does Twitter has now? Because the already mentioned statement doesn’t suffice the current situation.

What say?

Update, 2155IST

See the updated chart from Trendistic.

On December 7, 1.28% of tweets carried the word “assange” and right now, 1.25% are. Compared to the older chart (top), the percentage of tweets has dramatically increased in the last thirty minutes or so. The current top trending topic is #sjwinner on Twitter (worldwide), though it is having only a meager percentage of 0.26%.


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December 14, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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