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WWDC: Entire coverage… iCloud, iOS 5 and the Lion [UPDATE: videos updated]

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Today at the Keynote WWDC 2011, Apple unveiled the much awaited iCloud service. Apple also launched the major upgrades of it’s flagship operating systems in Lion and iOS 5. Awesome Tech Blog covered the event and the best features of all three are covered in three different posts linked below. More to follow…

From the WWDC: Lion Features Roundup

From the WWDC: iOS 5 Features roundup

From the WWDC: Here is the iCloud- Features roundup

UPDATE: Introductory videos updated in respected posts (except iCloud’s of which there is no video by Apple). To watch the entire WWDC Keynote, here is the link to Apple website. They’ve hosted it on their own servers.. not on Youtube so no embedding possible.


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June 7, 2011 at 3:00 am

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From the WWDC: Here is the iCloud- Features roundup

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Apple’s Keynote 2011 just ended with loads of awesome stuff unveiled by Apple today. There was Lion, then there was iOS 5 and finally, the much awaited iCloud. Hit the links to get more on them, this post’s for iCloud. 

UPDATE: Apple hasn’t uploaded any introductory video of iCloud. However you can watch the entire Keynote as it happened on Apple’s website….

The much awaited iCloud is here. Boasted with Brilliant functionality, Apple has launched the first cloud service one would love. Technically replacement of its MobileMe service, this however unlike MobileMe, is free! What iCloud will actually do is… Not only it will take your music to the cloud, it will take everything else – your documents, your photos, your contacts, calender, emails etc. to the cloud. Even your AppStore and iBook Store will be on the cloud.

Documents: All your iWork files are now on the cloud. Access it from a Mac, or iPad or iPhone.

iCloud Storage APIs: Because Apple thinks Filesystems are hard to understand and don’t want you to worry about them. These APIs will work for macs as well as PCs.

PhotoStream: Take a photo and it goes to other devices + cloud + macs. Importing photos also possible.

Finally, your songs: You can easily track your purchase history and these songs will be available on all other iOS devices as well as on the cloud.

However if you don’t have purchased music. What then? Then well.. there is a way out. However a paid way. Having said that, you just need to pay $24.99 a year to have all your music. All, purchased from iTunes or not. All on the cloud. It’s the iTunes Match. When you run this, it matches your library with that of iTunes. If it finds (which it should given its huge library), it automatically makes your song available. If it doesn’t, well it uploads it. No questions asked.

It technically converts your piracy into legal music (and that too at a good format of 256KBPS AAC) for just $24.99. Not a bad move, Steve.

iCloud comes bundled with iOS 5. Developer preview available from today. It will also run on iOS 4.3.

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June 7, 2011 at 2:12 am

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Awesome and Weird: Apple iPad2 in India starting tomorrow

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iPad (on the right), iPad 2 (on the left). Do the math.

Apple have scheduled the arrival of iPad2 in India for tomorrow. As it turns out, it’s kind of awesome but having said that, I’m worried for a few reasons. Here’s why…

India craved for iPad 1 for around ten months and then when the excitement almost died, Apple released the product in the country. They released it a few weeks before the iPad2 (in US) was announced. And less than two months into the launch of iPad 1 in India, Apple has bought the second (much much better) version of iPad. What does that mean to the consumers who already bought iPad 1 in the last month or so? Heartbreak! Literally, a heartbreak. What more, this kind of stuff makes Apple look bad in the mind of those consumers who already bought iPad 1. No wonder they’d be cursing after hearing this news. And with the speculated prices making rounds, there is hardly any difference between the two models except of course one would have to pay a bit extra for those niche smart covers – which ensures Apple is cursed a bit more by iPad 1 users.

It is beyond my scope of understanding why it took Apple a year to launch iPad in India and then only a month and a half for the upgraded version. Perhaps Apple heard about the criticism that the delayed launch of iPad 1 took and tried to mend their initial woes. Maybe. On the brighter side, let’s hope the future Apple products, like iPhone 5 and iPad 3 arrive in tandem with US.

Tech companies get weird about such stupid stuff, something no one will ever understand why.

Written by rahulbhagchandani

April 28, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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